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(Check other placements). They could also form a lot of attractive connections with people online. :**:, People with Taurus placements especially the Moon may very much love when their food is very well put together (pleasing to look at). Cancer women placement may like showing off their breast / cleaveage a bit. Men with harsh Lilith in their chart may get falsely accused of tabboo things. Air, tend to have a more natural, sweet, citric and feminine taste while Earth tend to like luxurious aphrodisiac scents with tobacco, coffee or chocolate notes. Pisces is wise and it rules this house, native can have natural talent in astrology that is easy-going, could awake something in them. They gain their achievements by making discoveries and finding out why things are the way they are. Mariah Carey, Ariana grande, will smith, Robert Downey junior, and Whitney Houston have these placements. (Jupiter dominants) ( Sagittarius & Pisces dominants) Jupiter in Sagittarius & Pisces / Jupiter touching Uranus- Jupiter is comfortable here. Having a strong 11th house . Sun in 11th house - having Sun here is similar to the stellium. * Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Venus The planets that show up in this house are important as well. It does depend on how the 4th house looks like though. MC and Moon conjunct is also a placement found in many celebrities like Demi Lovato, Angelina Jolie, Ben Stiller, Amanda Bynes, Shania Twain, Tyra Banks, Lorde, Ashton Kutcher, Bill Gates, Ingrid Nilsen, Brooke Shields, Salvador Dali.. again there are many celebrities with this placement. Pluto in 4th= Psychic environment, definitely not for everyone, perhaps Witchy stuff, divination tools could be around & things of that nature. They both hate unoriginal stuff. 9th house placements in synastry / composite could indicate long- distance / travels in relationships. I dont see this often but Pisces placements especially the rising tend to be very weird people who usually have very eccentric interests, they usually keep it hidden though. They could give off an Aquarius vibe. They may see themselves having communication problems in relationships, netherless working on this will be able to fix this. Ive noted a lot Of Libras and Virgos are drawn to each other. Because they do 100%! People may see them as angry where they are just standing up for themselves. They couldve been someone very helpful / a co-worker in a past life that impacted you. Dare I even say having Virgo is almost ideal to have for an Astrologer. Im not saying Uranus / Aquarius dominants have bad luck but things are very unexpected in their life with them. Within yourself, within others. They may specialize in sending you messages in relaxed outdoor settings like a butterfly or a literal bull. Scorpio Risings / Pluto in 1st: When they find something interesting, they tend to dedicate an immerse amount of passion (maybe even obsession) towards it. Kim kardashian, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson, Madhuri dixit, and Adele. MTBI related but people who are ENTJS tend to have Lilith or/and Pluto prominent in their chart. * Jupiter in the 7th Gemini mercuries tend to talk really fast to let all their thoughts out and people could ask them to slow down at times. This reflection is amplified within the twin flame relationship, but it is not unique to that connection. You were brought to do a change, you are here to cause a revolution. Adding onto Sagittarius placements is that they have very good learning ethics. I think people tend to assume they have their shit together maybe even confident a lot of the times. (If it it makes sense.. so you can jump to a topic to another more easily than a formal Mars sign post) Thats what Gemini placements like to do for stimulation. Aquarius risings tend to attract a lot of connections a lot, Im implying they tend to make a lot of online friends (Rules Uranus = Technology) And for Aquarius moons the same thing but more emotional connections rather than just regular online friends. Air moons/ placements love neglecting their intuition, you know you have that bad feeling about that one person, why arent they blocked yet? So many pisces placements get into online / long distance relationships. If one has an Aries moon in the 4th house it will be a little less bold and less aggressive, they may cry when expressing emotions for example. A lot of real life Yanderes have this asteroid conjucting a lot of personal planets (but of course other afflicted placements come to play. Chart ruler in a positive aspect to 11th or 10th house ruler - if these are well-placed in regards to each other, the person usually becomes successful or famous. 11th house ruler in 11th house - again, the house of fame. You are brought here to learn to see things from a different perspective as well. Sun in 7th individuals are attracted to very confident rather proud individuals and they need this influence anyway, they tend to be insecure and rely on others for validation. Sun in 6th tells me that when you finally put boundaries up, no one respects them. (At least romantic experiences). * Composite Cancer personal planets (And very attractive & a lot of beautiful models have this). Having these indicators would make someone have a very big loving on things about knowledge, hence Astrology. Gemini placements astrology creators may like to post astrology observations more than anything because it lets them express their thoughts without a responsibility of keeping order & track of what they are writing. Anteros in 12th, you may like to spirituality protect your loved ones & help them through karmic cycles etc. You are brought down here to learn how to be practical and logical and to have a healthy approach to life. Uranus in 10th individuals may get sudden but short fame. People with Virgo in the 4th house or Moon in Virgo / Moon in 6th usually have a mother who put a lot on the childs future right away. * Pluto Conjunct the AC/MC Wanna know the impression + slight vibe you give off? - Aquarius and Pisces seem to have a strange connection where they can admire each other even without knowing each other at all in any way, acknowledging their talents, beauty, personality, etc. Ariana Grande has this. because why not. This could also be applied to north node in 12th. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. These people may win on having the last say on things. (Especially Leo Venus / Venus in 5th). (Check other placements), Women with Scorpio moons tend to be seen as intimidating and could also make them have very piercing eyes. Sagittarius mercuries / Moons have a very beautiful and happy way of communicating from what Ive seen reading through their texts or listening to them usually brights up peoples mood. They would constantly and constantly research. Kids may be drawn to Cancer placements & some Cancer placements may have had to babysit at one point. Taurus risings, yall look rich. (1943) Therefore, wherever Anteros is in your natal chart is how you send love back. People who give you advice that you didnt ask for should be looked out for. Moon in Sagittarius tend to be very spiritual as well as Virgo placements. Very blunt. It is below Leo's dignity to do work that is not high quality, or to associate themselves with anything that is not excellent. blackpink girls' fame indicators. They love to make others feel special though. (May have discovered Astrology in early education). Lilith in the 8th house tend to think of sex a lot and are often really horny. Pluto in 10th likes when other people are intimidated by them like yall feel like you have POWER. Ex; Aries in 1st could be someone who constantly fights for themselves. Ive met a lot of Aries rising women with short cut bangs and wavyish hair like the amount Ive met with that combination is crazy & Omg and their noses are beautiful. So having one of these signs on the cusp of this house and then having a well-placed Jupiter signifies fame. After we master the fathers of karma, we can begin to journey into our life lesson, the North Node. So having one of these signs on the cusp of this house and then having a well-placed Jupiter signifies fame. MC and Moon conjunct, and Venus and Ascendant conjunct are both excellent indicators in a natal birthchart for fame and success. They tend to like making healthier habits for their friends. Having gemini placements especially the moon tells me you overthink everything and get addicted to everything but you hate routine because your brain gets addicted to anything they find stimulating. * Venus conjunct vertex They can be very secretive on the way they send messages to you. Scorpio risings have a sparkle in their eyes and they tend to look very piercing, even if its a darker color, Ive noticed their eyes always stand out. They gain their achievements by making discoveries and finding out why things are the way they are. (As you should!) Sun/chart ruler/11th house ruler/10th house ruler positively aspected by Venus and Jupiter - there are so many variations of this, but like for example Sun trine Jupiter etc. Mercury in Gemini can find resources & brand new information. Astrology could be a soft spot for these individuals. I have noticed one thing about the 8th house and it can tell you what backfires on you. Sagittarius placements could end up being friends with healthily younger people because of their young heart. May like the idea of haunted mansions. People with Sagittarius placements usually have a prominent nose shape, a lot tend to have button noses. Venus in Gemini / Venus in Air signs may be okay with being friends they once had a silly crush on. They are impulsive when it comes to you being stupid and could give very direct messages. Their friends and especially online friends could find them very attractive. (Vedic Astrology + more on my blog<3). Yeah, block button now. Leo risings / placements (developed) know when to cut off negative energy / people in their life!! Spirit in Scorpio: Ruled by Mars, your spirit radiates intense and determined energy. Spirit in Libra: Ruled by Venus, your spirit radiates balance and romantic energy. Uranus in 1st / Aquarius risings individuals change a lot when it comes to how they express themselves, they may change their aesthetics a lot for example. MC in Aquarius- can mean youll be the one who sets trends, someone whos different, the innovater. They make their heart their own and tends to defend them very easily on whatever they do. Sagittarius degrees would make you more inclined to develop your wisdom & share it with others. People with Sun in 9th / Sun in Sagittarius may make a lot of long distance friends who make them happy. Scorpio placements ideal date is to snuggle up in a cozy room and watch some mysteries together. Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian have this. Mercury in 1st individuals tells me that you hate and are aware that people can underestimate your intellectual abilities. So having one of these signs on the cusp of this house and then having a well-placed Jupiter signifies fame. - Libra/Pisces or any air sun/moon females tend to be quite intruded in white magic and are references of the typical witch aesthetics of fairy tales. No matter where Pisces is in your chart, Ive noticed any Pisces placements have really glowy eyes. (Not excusable, just indicators.). Jupiter in 10th, why yall care so much if people like you or not? Psyche in 5th can indicate unrequited fun talk. We dont know if your 10th house having Jupiter in it will make you famous, perhaps itll bring you a career to give you more inner knowledge. having it in pisces, or having the ruler of it aspecting neptune is an indicator of artistic fame. Somehow they seem to be in the public eye and to be sources of gossip by third parties. 11th house stellium - 11th house is the house of fame, internet and social groups. Many billionaires have this, for example Bill Gates. the stronger aspects are the hard ones, hence having neptune conjunct, square or opposite the ruler of the midheaven is a major sign of fame and arts in a career. They couldve been a wealthy/ religious friend from a past life (someone extremely generous). Singers with Mercury/ Lilith could make really addicting music & people may replay their music a lot. Traveling could also be an escape for them. Leo Venuses are bold usually but when they have a crush they turn a little shy, usually theyll show you if they want you. Mercury in 9th individuals love learning new informations all the time & growth is very beneficial for their thought process. It may take a while & later on in life for the individual to find solid friends who they trust. * Vertex conjunct the DC People with Leo Venuses are often very well liked and people tend to admire them, they care a lot about aesthetics and how they are put together (especially outfits) so they may love getting compliments on their physical beauty or arts. Cancer risings (Sagittarius in 6th) could make someone scattered during work / routines. With the Goddess of Venus on their faces, we are drawn in to their loving gazes and we are enthralled by their very being. Example; Mercury in Aries degree will make the native much more straight to the point and could shock people with what they say. Mars in 5th individuals tend to get a random burst of creativity out of nowhere. Jupiter Dominants= Abundance, Happiness, Wisdom, Money. Jupiter conjunct your MC is a good indicator of fame in conventional astrology. degree theory astrology astrology observations astro astro notes astrology notes astrology tumblr astro tumblr astro observations astrology degrees astrology tidbits . Friends may also leave them out of nowhere. They are also seen as lucky by others. Astrology can do just that. Indicators of Fame in the Birth Chart Those with Leo strong in their chart tend to enjoy attention, especially Leo risings and Leo moons. Aries placements can get frequent headaches. Pisces rising women tend to be very slim with somewhat of a curve but not too curvaceous, they tend to have very nice waistline. Venus in 5th in synastry could indicate one of you guys like the idea of unprotected sex. Spirit in Pisces: Modernly ruled by Neptune, your spirit is quite psychic and is very much like a fantasy. Aries energy can sometimes be confused for Scorpio energy (both intense). They really reflect on what happened. Mars dominants may be confused for Pluto dominants. Mercury in scorpio probably makes you seem like more of a scorpio more than any other placement. (1943) in synastry charts can show how the other gives love and feeling of desire back. They are comfortable with the darker areas of Astrology. It being in the third house would indicate an ease of communicating the Astrological skills. This can sometimes manifest in an unwanted way, it can be negative attention or the person doesnt really enjoy it. People with the Mercury sign of your 12th house may understand you in ways you never thought you could understand yourself. They sympathize through who you are and your potential. You can miss so much by simply going by what you read online. Gemini placements may like getting their nails done or at least want their nails perfect / cut perfectly. Its your biggest turn off. They put a lot of passion towards things theyre actually interested about and could be at times all they talk about. (Aquarius dominants / Uranus in 1st / (Perhaps dominants) individuals tend to have had something about them that was usually noticeable and touched on from people. * Sun in 7th/10th . Water placements over the 4th house could have at one point lived near the water or water was significant. Leo placements could play a role for them. North Node in 10th or 11th house - north node talks about our destiny. For finding your purpose we must look deeply into Saturn, North Node, South Node, Mercury, 10th and 11th house. Whatever planet is in your 1st, you will attract or / and people confuse you of. Cancer placements love doing traditional things! According to Nikola Stojanovic's . For a more in depth understanding I recommend looking into finding your Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology for more in depth and personal life path guidance. (Check other placements). 5 : short term fame; 17 , 29: long term fame . They are very good advice givers because of their analytical nature. 12th house placements constantly feel out this world and that they dont belong, theyre very unique and precious individuals and have a lot of unique talents they discover on in life. Air moons may have an insecurity that they dontnurture people the right way. Gemini placements are prone to being more stressed as it rules the nervous system. They couldve also been very sporty since a young age / childhood. Virgo placements get scared when things are going good because they think itll just get bad again. Venus in Virgo would naturally feel at peace perfecting the things they love and others would admire their information. Its not said enough people tend to be VERY curious about these people. Mercury in retrograde individuals may struggle putting up boundaries and making themselves clear & why a lot of people tend to walk all over them. However, people tend to misunderstand their abilities. - Cap rising, Saturn in 1st are usually commercial faces due to their appearance that people would usually call aesthetically perfect. (16) Asteroid Psyche in 7th can indicate unrequited love in connections or unrequited commitments. @hillarysss, Check out my rules on reposting and plagiarism here . But they specialize in dreams, pay attention to your dreams, they specialize in divination tools. Virgo Mars men may like complete domination over their partner in sex. Cleopatra Fame indicators in astrology Cleopatra Fame indicators in astrology -Sun/north node/stellium in 1st house/5th house/7th house/8th house/10th/11th house/ in leo/cancer/aries/ pisces -Sun/venus/neptune/jupiter conjunct north node -Venus/jupiter/neptune conjuct sun or moon -Neptune/pluto/venus in 1st house or conjuct ascendant (for acting) Because of this youll see people with an exalted & domicile mars & strong mars (Scorpio Mars, Capricorn Mars, Aries mars); more easily able to fuel up the energy for competitiveness therefore being able to win more & etc. They may get tired of people who only want them for this. These people hide things like crazy and will take things to the grave if they have to. People with Aries in 2nd are respectfully, very bad with their money. (Pisces placements love sniffing things). Aquarius venuses only want a best friend & lover in both. Many people find People with natal mercury retrograde may experience devices glitching on them more & technology problems. Unhealthily, may prefer it over their reality. One worse manifestation can be= Nudes leaked all over the internet or personal info they confided in someone leaked), personal advice would be to be careful and remember youre not doomed because of a placement. They could have very loud coughs, etc. Cancer mars are hard workers just like Capricorn mars, but they tend to get emotionally tired and drained from environments / situations easily and Capricorn mars usually have the ability to keep on pushing themselves. Because of this there is rumors around their reputation people who wanna try to bring them down, yet it doesnt work.. they have this powerful aura. Ive noticed they may have hard time expressing what they truly mean. The best places to learn astrology are tumblr,amino,twitter and youtube. Kylie Jenner has this. Will fight for security that may have been stolen from them. Underdeveloped Leo placements can be really blunt. Their out of the box thinking would lead them to find mind-blowing patterns & indicators. Kylie Jenner has this. And so on. Moon square uranus individuals tend to have an attitude towards their mothers. People with Rahu in 1st have a very beautiful physical beauty to them. Venus in scorpio could do well with another venus in scorpio. Neptune also represents illusions which is why this is considered a celebrity placement. Sagittarius placements hold their beliefs up high. Its crazy how some people describe Aries placements as chaotic while others describe them as exciting and things of that nature. Example; At 12 years old they were 56 (tall for their age). A lot of Capricorn placements Ive met cut their hair short at some point. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame!